Male Figure

Pencil is my medium of choice, especially for portraits as I feel it offers the most immediate and flexible approach to capturing the sitter's features, attitude and personality. It can be soft and broad in stroke when defining large areas and fine, precise and incisive when rendering details in close focus. I generally use 5B and 6B leads as they provide the greatest range of tone.

I prefer to work on A2 acid-free paper, though the image may exist on less than the full page. A scan can be made from the original drawing to produce a giclee print in alternative sizes, colours or tints.

Completed drawings are presented with a pH-neutral mount and backing board and are ready for framing.

If you are interested in commissioning a portrait, please enquire about sizes, prices and delivery dates via the Contact Envelope. Please note that commissions can be undertaken from photographs in jpeg format only.